Sustainable Boone is a website that aggregates sustainability events in the area. The idea being that you can’t get plugged in if you can’t find what’s going on. If you have a Facebook page you can send your feed to the website, and all of your will appear from there on out.

I remember how hard it was to start talking to the right people about hosting events, building movements, and getting projects off the ground. Build into the system being created here, and help weave the web of culture makers and projecteers by going to events you find and hosting your own. This is the kind of tool Boone needs to grow its culture of community-minded citizens working together as the development rolls in, help it grow!




Quint David, engineer and former town councilman, uses his insight in local politics and sustainable energy to form solutions for Boone. He created and remains a leading member of the town’s Sustainability Task Force, and is known as a strong local voice in the High Country. With, he hopes to bridge the information gap between established projects, cultural events, and people looking to get involved in something new. Contact him through his website or at q5quint @ gmail . com.




Trade links with! This website is to be a true web of allies, collaborators, and workers all in the same little world of western North Carolina, get in touch through the Subscribe and Submit Ideas page to link your project up!