Artist Spotlight: Poking Holes – Wilmington, NC

           I got to catch up with my good friends Dirt and Wolf, the two members that make up Poking Holes, a folk punk duo from Wilmington, North Carolina. They have graced us with their presence at both of the punk shows we put on and are coming back for Another One for the Punks at Reckless Arts. These guys are busy putting the name out there and otherwise trying to brighten the lives of everyone they meet, so I was super grateful to get some time out of their day to ask some questions about the band, how they got started, and I even got to hang out with them before the first Reckless Arts punk show.

So here’s some questions that they answered for us as well, as what it’s like to hang out with Poking Holes:

How did y'all start "Poking Holes" and how did you get that sweet name?

D- I don’t know man, fucking, it started cause I was traveling and I needed something to do with my time, and I felt it should have a name. Stick N' Poke(a folk punk band out of Vancouver, BC) was taken.
W- Had nothing to do with the formation of poking holes or the sweet name. Played my first show as part of Poking Holes February 2017.

How long have y'all been playing music? 

D-I started playing guitar at 13 and worked my way around other stringed instruments, but I didn’t get into playing shows until last year.
W- Started playing bass around 14 but wasn’t very dedicated, fucked around with all kind of shit in the intervening years, picked up washboard two years ago, got serious about my washboard playing in December 2016 when I started jamming with Dirt.


What kind of stuff do y'all do in the Wilmington DIY scene?

D- Smoke cigarettes. W- Ditto.


What is your favorite song that y'all perform?

D- Our House.
W- Our House.(”Our House” is a cover by the band This Is A Robbery)

Who is your favorite band to play shows with?

D- Black Veil Brides.
W- Bumbleflamp from bickory dorth raralina(pretty sure they mean Rumbletramp, a folk punk quartet from North Carolina)


Where is your favorite place to play shows?

D&W- Not Wilmington.


If there were only one brand of beer to drink, which one would y'all want it to be?

D- The “champagin” of beers(Miller High Life).
W- Sam Adams, cause variety is an union affiliation.




We posted up at a spot on King Street in Boone, an empty storefront with a little alcove in which to hide and drink whiskey in public. They were the opening act for the One for the Punks show at Reckless Arts, but they bust out song after song, enduring the blistering heat while busking away. People stop and listen, throw money in their case, hell, a lot of them come to the show that night to see their work. But even after all the busking, drinking, and smoking, Dirt still shreds on the guitar to some of the catchiest folk punk tunes I’ve ever heard and Wolf keeps chugging along with the rhythm of the washboard and their train whistle. With the set ending and the rest of the bands ready to take the stage, they pack up their gear and dance to every song the rest of the bands play.

             That’s what I love about these guys. They truly believe in the DIY philosophy and anyone who’s out there trying to do it themselves, they’ll receive nothing but the utmost support from them. If ever there were a fitting example of the word “troubadour”, these guys are it. Their lyrics not only employ clever word play, but also insight into struggles many of us face: depression, alcoholism, and just trying to get by in a society that seems cruel and uncaring, and all of it with a disarmingly upbeat feel. They and the rest of the punks at Reckless Arts really threw down and damn if they’re not gonna do it again. Their music is available on and they’re gonna be back to show us what the punks are made of on August 26th with the next show in the 'For the Punks' series. Check out pictures from the last one, and subscribe to Cryptograph's many social media outlets for more shows and more.


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