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It was a Friday night as I walked over to Reckless Arts with some pep in my step and excitement in my spirit. With my camera and a sandwich in hand, I was ready.

Charles Walker opened up the show with some soulful, poppy tunes about relationships, friendships and the struggles we face in the midst of them.

Listen to Charles's set from that night!

His voice was instantly captivating and moving, I could feel his raw emotion and passion through the sound. With just a voice and a guitar, this guy filled the room to the brim. Friends and family members alike were clapping along to the beat, showing their support for this talented songwriter and performer. He gave a heartwarming shout out to his mom (who was in attendance) midway through his set.

After listening to a couple songs, I got the idea that Charles’ voice kind of sounded like that of Shawn Mendes! The grit and soul that came through on his high range turned my head and made me go “okay Charles!”

I got to talk with him after the show, because I was standing over near the CDs, wondering who to give my money to (I bought a CD). It felt good to buy his CD. With this tangible piece of merch from a small local artist, it felt like I was really contributing some support to the arts. Check him out if you will. - http://www.charleswalkermusic.com/


Next on the set list was Lebo Jenkins from Georgia. He held a guitar just like Charles, but the genre and sound from his set was freshly different.

Passion and talent were two things however, that were no different. Lebo showed some serious guitar and banjo chops, and chilled the audience with his unique voice.

The type of music he shared was unlike any I’d heard before, and I was intrigued at the first song, to say the least. He describes himself as someone who “performs alien appalachian, old time tunes, and american primitive compositions on banjo and scordatura guitar along with other instrumentation and noise collectives. Word singing too.” -bandcamp - https://lebojenkins.bandcamp.com/

I would describe Lebo’s style as one with a compositional and instrumental focus. His strange chords chimed with tactful fingerpicking rhythms had a trance like effect on me as a listener. I also found it fascinating to watch him tune his guitar to unorthodox tunings by ear before some songs. It was also really neat that Lebo travelled from Georgia to play for us. It’s important to incorporate some regional culture in tandem with our local culture.

For the last act of the night, Evan Button and his buddies known as The Tribe took the stage and put the room in a groove. These guys have a sound that is just plain fun. I was twisting my hips and bobbing my head during their whole set. Evan’s voice and the Tribe’s tight groove literally electrified the night and made me excited about being a music kid. The creativity and pure soul coming from them was something to remember.


One thing I really appreciated about Evan Button & The Tribe is their chemistry and connection while jamming with each other. I could tell that there are real friendships behind the music, just by observing the sound and watching them move.

Here is a video of one of their acoustic sessions filmed outside the music school at App State. This video supremely captures their spirit and tone.

From the sassy saxophone licks, to the crisp drum beats, to the gutsy vocals, the sound these guys have crafted is superbly original and refreshing. I would recommend checking them out if you’re looking for something to press on your heart whilst moving  you to tap your toes.

This concert was a wonderful representation of the music scene in Boone. The young and the old came together in the spirit of good music and good fun. I’m relatively new to the town, but it’s been a real pleasure to get so involved with the great culture here.

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