The Reckless Family Jam

The passing of the stick of power from former band leader to new.

On Tuesdays for the last few months, we’ve been testing out a new event: The Reckless Family Jam.

It’s a regular time and place for skilled musicians to come pick up and play. We set up mics and monitor, and invite the masses to come jump in and play.

We’ve also been using it as sort of “office hours” for Cryptograph, to have time to catch up on all the poster making and show booking that goes into 

our little LLC- come by on Tuesday too if you want to put something on the calendar. There are some other cool ideas we have for the jam that we haven’t tried out, if anyone wants to make this their thing and help us:


-Picking a song a week online for everyone to learn and play together

-Having an acoustic busking jam outside in the early evening before the electro-jam at 9

-Having secret shows where local bands show up to promote an upcoming release.

Stuff like that. Holler if you want to help out, or bring out your gear and come play with us one time!



Cryptograph is focused on making the Boone music scene better through quality shows and content. Make something with us- check out our studio services and upcoming shows.  To set up a session or get booked for a show, email


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