Local Artist Spotlight: The Loathsome Marauders

"It's like that truth that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up,"

We caught up with Boone’s one and only Loathsome Marauders at one of their favorite venues, Murphy’s Pub, newly dubbed Ransom. Through the din of the crowd, just before their album release show, they told us about the new album they had just released, “Appalachian Grit”, as well as how it was working on the album and some of the more interesting times they had as a band all together.

What follows is a perfect Waffle House conversation about what it means to grow up on the other side of the American South, what the future is going to hold, and that one time a drunken accident led to a 3 a.m. hospital trip and a split lip. The perfect music for which to drink, cry, fuck, and fight, “Appalachian Grit” is available now on bandcamp.com  and available to stream on Spotify.

  1. Artist Spotlight: The Loathsome Marauders





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