Mexican Hot Chocolate

Murphy's Has a Basement and We Should Hang Out There More

On viola, drum, and bass Mexican Hot Chocolate flowed forth on September 9th, our first show at Murphy's. Hit play and start listening.

Everything went smoothly as far as set up goes. This space is great- you can set up three full bands along the back wall and that old stone makes it look like you're 400 feet underground. Turn around and boom you got a bar behind ya and a hallway screaming for lights and crowds streaming through it-

Right now though it's like the basement isn't connected to the main circulation of the rest of the bar, and it's because it doesn't absolutely need it- Murphy's has like 4 huge rooms including the porch so they do just fine, but imagine! Imagine that double decker bar running, upstairs downstairs music, hell put it on the porch too- you could have a four stage festival going on in there if we could make it make sense!

Geez, I'm getting my heart rate up, let me listen to something. Oh hey, MHC! Check out their Sensual Chocolate demo over on their bandcamp and look out for them playing at Hatchet Coffee in January and other spots around town.

We are doing a show on January 14th at Murphy's and January 27th at Black Cat next! Everything is still TBD, rah! Stay tuned for more as we keep making progress towards being a real live production studio megazord ready to fire ze missiles in the coming year.

09/09/16- The Cryptograph Sessions, Basement of Murphy's Pub

  1. Egyptian Incense
  2. Billy Jean
  3. Political Correctness
  4. Baby
  5. The MHC Creation Myth
  6. Tacky Wallpaper
  7. Persian Suave
  8. White People Problems
  9. With You
  10. Old Man Below
  11. Summertime


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