Two December Shows

Hey, look, shining new domain name!

 I’mma start posting all of our upcoming shows here so they show up if you’re subscribed to our email list!

We got two for ya in December:

December 8th we’re doing a Closed Mic, a showcase of some cool friends we have who play music. El lineup:

9: Nate Harris of Spice Creek Ramblers
9:45 Jason Gordon
10:30 barbaruse
11:15 Kattagast

And we’re still looking for one more act. By which I mean: MYSTERY GUEST TBD.

Then we’re helping host a house party entitled LOTS OF VIBRANT ENERGY with our pal Mason who plays drums in like 9 bands: They got a sweet lineup too, featuring:

The Nitrogen Tone

and probably the
The Cam Duffy Trio.

I suppose if I were a more sophisticated blogger I would add links to all of those bands but I encourage you to raise the motivation to google them yourselves.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to our email list to keep current on the Cryptosaga. Til then keep practicing y’all!



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