Arson Daily

Burn Heavy

Arson Daily been steady killin it on the Boone music scene!

I can't think of a band I like more to (pretend to) dance to with that smoky-yet-clean-as-hell music stuff they do.

They're headlining our show coming up next week on October 15th and if you ain't seen 'em yet you owe it to yourself.

Listen to their set from the first time we hosted, then come hear  them and the other great acts we got going on that night! And check out their soundcloud while you're at it.


Arson Daily - Live at 3rd Place

  1. Rad
  2. Disguises
  3. Neon
  4. Say My Name Softly
  5. Slack
  6. Pocket Change
  7. Dance Floor Blues
  8. Back Home Inside With You
  9. Dance With Me
  10. Streetwalker
  11. Twelfth Round


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