The Depressed Alligators | The Cryptograph Sessions

Here’s a set Randy played last August at the Howard Street Exchange. The whole fest was put out a bit by the rain and we had a band cancel, so Randy and Ron as The Depressed Alligators ripped through a double set underneath a huge green tent in a parking lot in a rain storm. Which highlights how important it is to make an archive of these things because the five people in the crowd (us) would have surely forgotten by now too.

Let Randy and Ron charm you with their sweet blues rock sensibilities til the cows come home, then come see what’s good tomorrow night at 3rd Place for Possum Jenkins, Hilltop Riot, and Alexa Rose! They’re coming around promoting the 3rd Annual Ramble and Reunion, a little backyard festival that the Possum guys started. Read more about the festival here or just come hear about it in person! First person to tell me my eyes are pretty gets into the show for free.

July 22nd


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