From Bears | The Cryptograph Sessions

From Bears has had a prolific few years in Boone and came by to play some favorites from their new album “Future Telling Something Nothing” as the headliner for our April show. Ruddy, analog synths range around laidback, garage-y indie rocks riffs all through the set. The songs tumble forward, building and eddying, resolving in rampant breakdowns. Lyrics leap like fish from a school out of the washing polyrhythms. From Bears makes really interesting music that doesn’t sound quite like anything else, and has been confidently building up a strong catalogue and making Good Band Moves. Check out their page here, search em out on Spotify and make sure you see em next time they’re on a poster.

This is also about the first time we pulled off a halfway decent band interview- makes us think it’d be better to switch this up somehow, not do it right in the middle of the set. Most awesome would be interviewing bands at their practice before the set, yeah, I think we’ll get on that!

Next show is July 22nd, should be pretty cool guys:

July 22nd


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