Sentiments | The Cryptograph Sessions

This is Sentiments! We love them! They seem to have entered the Boone scene with a formed sound and natural stage presence. Some notes:

Edward, Andrew, Val, and Sydney’s music positively fills up the stage or the track, you’ll find it very expansive in your ears for sure.

Their song structures are full of gorgeous peaks and valleys between the synth, strings and Sydney’s voice.

They are… shoegazy to the extreme?

Okay, I’m no good at reviewing music. Just listen and switch tabs, that’s what you’re here for anyway. Does anyone want to interview bands and write blog posts with us? Seriously we’re incorporating as a business now and want more people involved to share the workload love. Send us messages.

You can listen to more Sentiments here, and don’t forget to check out our next show with Possum Jenkins, Hilltop Riot, and Alexa Rose on July 22nd!

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See y’all there. Listen for more. We’ll catch y’all later!


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