Cave Shine I The Cryptograph Sessions

Here’s cuts from Boone’s own Cave Shine from April, in our latest attempt to stay caught up on releasing the music we record. Self proclaimed cigarette-smokin’ disco jazz, they started off the night of shoegazey indie gladness we had in style.

IGNORE ANY REFERENCE you might hear to the name Sub Rosa, it is an illusion, the name of the this project is and forever has been The Cryptograph Sessions and anyone who says elsewise is a deviant and should be treated as highly dangerous.

Also, we’re going to be throwing shows in Murphy’s basement now, first one is September 9th. We’re tryna evolve and grow, folks, how bout y’all?

More sets soon, don’t worry, we got ’em, and more shows on the 22nd, the 20th, and the 9th. Rolling stuff out as fast as we can, y’all know how it working full-time and trying to make things happen! But we are, one piece at a time so stay tuned and come talk, we’d like more people involved.

calendar cover
Our penultimate 3rd Place show, come check out some dedicated mountain musicians on July 22nd!

And you can sign up, join the club, let us know what ideas you have- |


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