Skylark and the Siren II: The Sub Rosa Sessions

Another great set by Skylark and the Siren, our first repeat performers! We recorded them at the Howard Street Exchange in August and then again in November. This set is on the second half of our first full podcast (available on iTunes) but we’ve never released it broken up into tracks yet. Hearing the two different versions of “The Creative Process” and “Traveler’s Hymn” is really cool, and I’m glad we got to get more of the band’s original songs down on track too, they’re great, I love how these two are able to express themselves so prolifically.

SRS MarApr Full Poster
One more week for this beautiful bastard of a poster.

I hope we can have more repeat artists back, to let us know how their story is continuing and to hear the new sounds they’ve been dreaming on. The Sub Rosa Sessions has been going strong for almost a year now, and we have no plans on slowing down. Quite the opposite! Check us out at our April show this Thursday the 28th, with Cave Shine, Sentiments, and From Bears.  You’ll hear some stellar music and can tap in to all the cool new stuff we’re planning for the podcast in the future.

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