Kate Rhudy & The Boys: The Sub Rosa Sessions

Here we’ve got songstress Kate Rhudy backed by Ben Banick on the banjo and bassist Zach Smith, with their own brand of crisp revival mountain music. They bill themselves as a sad river folk music band, but there is something about Kate’s voice that is as uplifting as it is plaintive, conversing through songs all with a story behind them.The Boys spend the duration of the song having fun picking all over traditional progressions, in a mode that’s both relaxed and masterful. If you haven’t heard enough you can catch Kate opening for Mipso at Legends on April 21st at 9, and hear their studio EP on their Soundcloud. New River Something really is!

We did have some issues with audio at this show and plan on releasing the full set if we can edit out the errors, for now though we couldn’t wait to upload the two best recordings we got. Silver lining of that is we’ll have to have Kate and company back sometime this summer to get the whole thing right, which is to the benefit of all participants.

If you think this is all cool and want to see the podcast in action make sure to come out to 3rd Place this Friday at 9! We’ll be recording three brand new artists worth your attention and hope you will join us, now and forever, in making this podcast a permanent opportunity for all musicians in Boone to record their music and share it with the world.

Cheers y’all!

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