Give Up Ghosts: The Sub Rosa Sessions

Give Up Ghosts came through at our December show doing some middle school favorites and their own acoustic folk works. This was Rae’s last show in Boone, but keep a look out for Brandon Allison playing around town. You can see him playing at the Watauga County Humane Society’s Tour for Life benefit on April 10th. Yes, there will be puppies.

Next up are sets from Fresh Matter and Kate Rhudy- should be out before the next shows coming up on the 18th of March and the 28th of April. There are still three or four old sets that we need to playlistify too. Look out for that!

Also, just for fun, I turned the podcast workflow into a Trello board that you can look at. It’s like package tracking for amazing music! I think nerdy project management tools are the bee’s knees. Do you feel the same? Should I write more about this? Let me know your project fantasies at Trust me, there are ways to get the beautiful visions you can’t shake out of your head. Let’s concoct something.

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