Sub Rosa is up on iTunes!

So on this Sunday I am full of elation, which, added to the amount of sugar I ate baking a valentine’s cake, has me shaking past the surface of my skin.

Just like it looks on the box.

Why now? Well, I kind of spoiled it in the title already, but as of today you can go on iTunes and download the first full episode of the podcast- just search for the Sub Rosa Sessions and it should be there!

Since we called the first interest meeting last June, our team has been put in so much work to schedule, book, record, and produce eight shows in the series so far. I am proud in what we’ve got so far, and excited for what we have coming next. We have our next show at 3rd Place on March 18th, and we’ll be uploading the tracks and full podcast from the Give Up Ghosts/Kate Rhudy/Fresh Matter set super soon. We’re still looking for a 3rd act for the March 18th show, if your act is ready to get recorded live hit us up!


Let us know who you want to see and what kind of ideas this gives you. We’d love to hear from you at any time. The underground music conspiracy is live and well in Boone and we want to record your voice in it!


Check us out on Facebook for more about that next show and listen to the podcast here or on iTunes.

Til then, subscribe in any of the myriad ways possible and help us make this more of a thing- I love you, see you soon!

iTunes cropped
Syntax error preserved for posterity.

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