Skylark and the Siren: The Sub Rosa Sessions

Skylark and The Siren are a country/ folk/ soul duo located in Chapel Hill, NC. Originally from Boone, NC, they carry the sound of the high country where ever they go. With a collection of traditional folk tunes, original songs, and favorites from artists ranging from the Grateful Dead to Johnny Cash, these two up and coming song-birds’ soulful harmonies are sure to inspire. Spiritual and somewhat political, they’re engaging lyrics explore the depths of the soul.

John sings and blends a variety of guitar styles to create a homegrown Americana vibe that varies from traditional folk and country influences to blues oriented rock. Lillie’s instrument is her voice and, with a degree in music therapy, she brings a deep knowledge of music and emotion. Her love of the blues, as well as her connection to spirit is apparent in her open, honest songwriting. Partners in music and in life, Lillie and John were brought together by their love of music when they met at a festival in 2014. They have been making music together every day since. Check out their interview on episode #1 of the full podcast, and the other set we recorded with them at 3rd Place!


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