Sam Fanthorpe and Paul Woods: The Sub Rosa Sessions

Sam Fanthorpe and Paul Woods, and Skylark Lark and The Siren- the 4th show we did at 3rd Place, the 2nd we recorded there, the 3rd in the Sub Rosa series, the 1st we’re releasing in full podcast form- take your pick of what number we should call it.

You can listen to the full set, or any of the tracks from Sam and Paul’s set here. Ignore what I say about Soundcloud, bump Soundcloud, we don’t need no Soundcloud, we’ll host the tracks right here. All of the podcasts will be available on the Sub Rosa archive page for you to download, we’re also up on iTunes if you want to listen on a podcast app.

As we get our feet more on the ground with this whole podcasting thing we’ll have more in-depth interview with artists and other cool things on this site. I’ll let the music speak for itself right now. If this excites you in any way, jump over and give us a like on Facebook and see when our next show is coming up. This is all because we really love the sprawling, wide-ranging variety of music in Boone, and want to help build opportunity for local artists to make a living doing their thing. Check us out y’all, big games afoot.


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