At the beginning of last week I had a very different plan.

See, I’ve got my basic life necessities squared away for now. Rent, utilities, petty cash for fun tickets, even health insurance. Good for me. That was my new year’s resolution in 2015, Out of the kitchen, into a position in life where I was making a living I could build upon.

That’s not the kind of plan I need to write about. Now, and even before that though, I’ve always needed to pursue something beyond the realm of whatever my job is. Something is hardcoded in that demands more.

It is partially a response to having learned a little about the poor state of human existence. I can’t know everything I know and not act to change things. Nor am I satisfied with the opportunities I am presented with to make change in the world. I love every specific organization and person that is working to make change in their own way. That is the tribe I want to belong to. I’m proud to work at a local non-profit, that at the baseline, my work is helping to keep people fed and clothed when they need a little extra. But in my spare time, I can’t think of anything better to do than this- make a plan to create attractive opportunities for collaboration right here in Boone.

The other part is personal.

Sub Rosa Sessions iTunes
We’re gonna be on iTunes, mom! Doesn’t that look spiffy?

Something has been stamped into me that says it isn’t right just to play in other people’s sandboxes. Especially if you are dissatisfied with your surroundings, it says, it is your duty to bring the beauty and structure you imagine into being where none existed.

So this is the latest effort to express that, my best guess so far;, a blog and collection of projects in Boone. To start we have the Sub Rosa Sessions, a podcast and concert series to record and showcase local musicians.

An attempt to reconcile the real world with the one in my head. I have a plan, or at least parts of it and here I will put it so about it we can talk.

This is the introduction.  Thank you, there is more to follow.



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